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Intolerant liberals OUTRAGED that head of animal rescue organization is also a Trump supporter

For liberals, politics is a very personal thing. Even if there is a certain cause or an organization that has nothing to do with politics and that most people would generally support, if said cause or organization is in anyway connected to anything conservative or pro-Trump, then the liberals become incredibly hostile and show their true colors.

This is exactly what happened recently when it was revealed that Ryan Moore, the Vice President of Social Media and Social Media Fundraising at Beagle Freedom Project (BFP), was a Republican and a supporter of Donald Trump.

For those who are unaware, the Beagle Freedom Project is an organization that rescues animals from laboratories once they are no longer being used for research and finds them loving homes so that they can live out the rest of their days in peace and comfort. Obviously, this is an organization that is not – and should not – be political. Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be a far right conservative or a left-wing Marxist, saving dogs and helping them get adopted into loving homes is something nearly every American can and should rally around. Unfortunately, many on the left think differently. (Related: Read about the liberals’ inescapable hate problem.)

Even though Ryan Moore once considered himself to be a Democrat, he found that his views slowly changed as he realized how extreme the political left can be in their opinions and their goals for America. “I was a lifelong Democrat and I was anti-gun, but my life experiences changed my views on gun rights,” Moore explained in an interview with the Gateway Pundit. “The Democrat Party alienated me by being extremely anti-gun and wanting to restrict or take away my ability to defend myself.” Moore went on to say that he is proud to be an American, that he is a staunch supporter of the United States Constitution, and that he is in favor of keeping terrorists out of the country.

It’s also worth noting that since being hired by the Beagle Freedom Project in 2013, Moore has done tremendous work, bringing the organization’s Facebook page from 65k followers to 841k, their Twitter page from 5k followers to 41k, and their Instagram page from 2k followers to 97k. But despite all of the good that he is done, there is still an effort underway to get Moore fired from the Beagle Freedom Project – all because of his political affiliation and the fact that he is a supporter of President Donald Trump.

For instance, one BFP supporter with the Twitter name “MUES” reached out to Miley Cyrus, of all people, in what was obviously a desperate attempt to spark some kind of a resistance movement against Ryan Moore: “Hey @MileyCyrus! I noticed you are following @ryanmoore of Beagle Freedom Project. Were you aware he had liked tweets discrediting the #MeToo campaign and is an avid Trump supporter?”

Other leftists have attacked the Beagle Freedom Project for having supporters like Lara Trump. One Twitter user by the name of “Gesci” wrote, “Sorry, @beaglefreedom. You do great work, but having a Trump on your board while they eliminate USDA animal welfare records is not okay.”

Another Twitter user, Sarah Gleim, wrote, “Why are you partnering with the Trump family? They don’t care about animal rights! I’m so disappointed in @beaglefreedom. #TROPHYHUNTING.”

It’s clear that the liberals put their political views before everything else, which truthfully is a very sad, unfortunate way to go about living life. Politics is important, but when you let it blind you from things that are wholesome and truly good in nature, then you are completely and hopelessly lost.

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